Doc# Title
845 Protecting your Data
844 Using Forms as Application Menus
843 Displaying Messages in R:BASE 5.5 for Windows
841 Multi-Level Grouping with Select
840 Hot Tip: Page Down in the Data Editor
839 Global Updates in a Form
838 Grand Total and Sub-total in One Command
837 Copying Forms
836 Writing a Cross-Platform Application
835 Transfer Forms Between Databases
834 No Duplicates Except
833 Use a Report to Create a Fixed Field ASCII File
832 Customize Your Own Autonumbered Column
830 Getting Started on the Web
829 Automating Database Backup
828 Add Dialog Boxes to your Applications
827 Using MDI Forms
826 Custom Pop-Up Menus
825 Finding the Top "N"
824 Find the Maximum Record
823 Calculate Total Sales by Month
822 Using Views
820 Optimizing Application Code
819 Handling Duplicate Data
818 Problem Solving with RBASE
817 Store EEP Files in the Database
816 Generating Random Text
815 Generating Random Numbers
814 Selecting Random Data
813 Using Unload/Input
810 Unraveling the ODBC Mystery
807 Restricting Access to your Applications
806 Protecting Your Data
805 Multi-User Installation Tips
804 ODBC Connectivity in R:BASE 5.1
803 Using Blobs
802 Working with Applications
801 Working with Forms
800 Building Sub-Selects in QBE
799 Questions and Answers
798 R:BASE 5.0 Windows Interface
796 Booting Clean
795 CrossTab-Style Reports
794 Creating a Many-to-Many Report
793 Using Nested RUN Files with PAGEMODE Reports
792 Summing Break Footer Totals
791 Using Select
790 Using Pagemode
789 Using Visual Basic Data Controls with SQL Engine 2.0
787 R:BASE SQL Engine 2.0
786 An R:BASE Slide Show
785 Search and Replace
784 Using Scrolling Cursors
783 Optimizing Cursors
782 Cursor Questions and Answers
781 Using Cursors
780 Transferring Crystal Reports from one Database to Another
779 Menuless Forms
778 An Actions Table for EEPs
777 Update from an EEP
776 Variable-only Forms
775 Windowed Forms
774 Summing Rows in a Region
773 Locate Fields Outside a Region
772 No More "No Editable Data"
771 Printing from an EEP
770 Multiple Regions On a Form
769 Lookup and Edit Data from a Form
768 Clearing Variables Between Rows
767 Trapping Keystrokes in EEPs
766 Using EEPs
765 FAX from an R:BASE Application
764 Integrating Crystal Reports into Visual Basic Applications
762 Running R:BASE Remotely
761 One at a Time Labels
760 Enter R:BASE Data Through a WordPerfect Form
759 Graph R:BASE Data with Excel
758 Working with ASCII Files
756 Set screen colors using the mouse
755 Easy outer joins with 4.5 Plus!
754 Mail merge using the string replacement function
753 R:BASE 4.5 Plus! offers enhanced form pop-ups
748 Conditional Printing in Crystal Reports
747 Once-Per-Break Operations in Crystal Reports
746 Calculating the Mean, Median and Mode
744 Building IN Lists From Checkbox Menus
742 Configuring Lantastic for R:BASE
739 Using RECALC in R:BASE 4.5
738 Working With Variables
737 Hot Tip: Crystal Reports
736 Comparing Crystal Reports and R:BASE Reports
734 Running R:BASE 4.5 in Windows 3.1
733 Nested Functions
732 Row Level EEPS in Forms
731 Form in a Form in a Form in a Form in a Form
729 Using Constraints in 4.5
728 Indexes in 4.5
727 Converting to R:BASE 4.5
726 Comparing Null Values in R:BASE Reports
725 Keeping Groups Together on a Page
724 Printing Zero Values as Blanks on Financial Statements
723 Crystal Reports for R:BASE
722 Crystal Installation Tips
720 SQL TIP: Select The Last Record For Each Group
719 Once-Per_Break Operations
718 Draw Lines Around Variable Length Fields
717 Manipulating Dates and Times
716 Working With Dates
715 HOT TIP: Cut & Paste In R:BASE
714 HOT TIP: Look At Crosstab Results With The Viewer
713 Checking Database Integrity
712 Understanding Data Pointers
696 March/April, 1993 Problems & Workarounds
695 HOT TIP: Printing Bar Codes
694 HOT TIP: Quickly Find Minimum And Maximum Values In A Report
693 Updating Existing Runtime Applications
692 Testing For Errors
691 CrossTab Style Reports
690 Sport Statistics
689 Basic Statistics: Count, Sum, Average, Minimum, Maximum
687 Troubleshooting Memory Errors
686 January/February 1993 Problems & Workarounds
685 Print Many Labels Per Record
684 HOT TIP: Make Outer Joins Faster
683 Seeing Double
682 Working With Outer Joins
681 Calculating Elapsed Time
680 Fine Tuning R:BASE
677 HOT TIP: Setting Up R:BASE 4.0 With Both 286 and 386 Workstations
676 Database Protection: More Than Just Passwords
675 Beyond Passwords
674 Passwords - A Primer
673 Managing Data From Multiple Computers Outside a Network
672 Networking With R:BASE: Variable Directories
671 The Ins and Outs of Multi-User Installation
669 A Text Column Search Using a Range of Values
668 Putting IHASH to Work
667 User Customized Printer Settings
666 Bill of Materials in Forms
665 Searching Text Columns
664 UDF's in Pascal or Basic
663 Problem Solving with R:BASE
661 Microrim's Bulletin Board Sysop's Nifty BBS Tricks
660 Microrim's Bulletin Board Sysop's Goof-Proof Guide To Downloading and Uploading
659 Improve Your Multi-User Performance With Row Locking
658 Posting With One Command
657 Interactive Debugger
656 Remapping The Keyboard
655 Transfer Data From Browse/Edit To A Form
654 Multi-Column Pop-Ups In A Form
653 Formatting In Forms
652 Summing In A Form
651 Forms Now Work On R:BASE Views
650 More About R:BASE 4.0
647 An Introduction To R:BASE 4.0 & Memory Management
646 May/June 1992 Problems & Workarounds
645 A Collection of Entry/Exit Procedures
643 Variable References in View Definitions
642 Customizing Printer Control Codes
641 Optimizing Application Code for Speed
639 Client/Server Versus LAN
638 User Defined Functions
383 January/February 1992 Problems & Workarounds
382 Use SQL In Report Lookups To Put Sums & Other Stats In The Header
381 Using REFRESH & VERIFY In Multi-user Applications
380 Comparing Table Structures
379 Compress Blank Lines Out Of Form Letter Headers
378 Printing Lines on an HP Laser Printer
377 Use SSUB On Variables That Hold Multiple Checkbox Picks
376 Make An Instant Calculator
375 Transfer Column Values Between Tables (Posting) - The EASY Way
374 Working With Text Strings Using R:BASE Functions
373 Finding Your Optimum RTVMCONV - An Empirical Approach
352 Deleting Duplicate Rows Based On A Subset Of Columns
350 Archiving For Maximum Speed And Minimum Space
344 Take Full Advantage of the DEBUG Setting
343 Manage the Quotation Marks Setting
342 Display a Visual Counter to Show Progress
340 Printing a Bill
339 Report Percent Complete with Thermometer - Like Moving Bar
338 Numbering the Tiers -- Subnumbers in Form Regions
337 Get Dramatic Speed Increases
336 Get More Out of a Single DECLARE CURSOR Command
335 Add Comments, Manuals, & Tutorials to Each Application
334 Finding Rows That Fall Between Two Dates
333 Blunder Insurance
332 Pointers - What They Are & How to Fix Them If They Break
331 Transfer Forms or Reports from One Database to Another
330 Comparing TEXT Values that Might Be Null
329 Using SQL to Combine Several Columns into One List
326 Building Connected Solutions
325 Indexed Computed Columns Speed Searches
323 dBASE Archive Files Improve Performance
322 SQL Tip: Replace Relational Commands With SQL
321 SQL Tip: Delete Duplicates Based On A Column List
320 Indexes & IHASH Add Speed
319 How R:BASE Organizes & Manages Memory - Part I
318 Making Sub-SELECTS, Outer Joins, & Rules Faster
317 Using SQL To Print Multi-Column Aging Reports
314 SQL Tip: Tally Multiple Columns & Save The Result
313 SQL Tip: List In Two-Column Format
312 SQL Tip: Compare Headers & Details
311 Printing Bills When The Rate Varies Depending On Usage
310 Set A Timer To Run A Program At A Future Date & Time
309 Program Your Own Playback Files Using Char Codes
308 Add Menu Blocks To Custom Or Macro Actions
307 Making Application Menus & Messages More R:BASE-like
306 Browse Or Edit Old Rows While Entering New Rows In A Form
305 Create An Ad Hoc Browser Using The Power Of CHOOSE
304 Run All Your Software From An R:BASE Menu
303 Speed By Design
301 An R:BASE Expert System
300 Get Editable Form Field Default From Another Table