PRODUCT :  R:BASE                  VERSION    :  3.1 AND UP
     An Undocumented CVAL Keyword
     From: Olaf Koch, Janus Software Projekte, Germany
     The CVAL function has an undocumented function: DATABASE. To find the
     name of the currently open database, enter the following at the R>
     SET VAR vdb = (CVAL('database'))
     If R:BASE finds no connected database, vdb is a text variable with
     length zero (vdb is not NULL) unless you have just started R:BASE and
     have not yet connected a database. Then the length of vdb is 8. After
     connecting a database at least once, having no database connected returns
     a length of 0.
     SET ANSI OFF Makes Converting Easier
     Converting from R:BASE for DOS (2.11) to R:BASE 3.1 can look like a
     harrowing experience if you have a long list of names to change because
     the conversion programs have told you these names are reserved words.
     Relax! You don't need to rename columns, tables, forms, reports, views
     or variables whose names are reserved words in R:BASE 3.1. Just SET ANSI
     SET ANSI was added to version 3.1A of R:BASE. It  doesn't include as
     reserved all the new words required for 3.1 to ensure ANSI Level 2 SQL
     compatibility - rather, it limits the R:BASE reserved word list to the
     2.11 equivalent.
     If you're not worried about compatibility with SQL, just change the
     setting of ANSI to OFF. Save the setting to your RBASE.CFG file so it
     becomes the default. Then you won't need to worry about renaming.
     SET ANSI does NOT transform illegal names into legal names. You must
     change the illegal names to legal ones. (Illegal names are those that
     start with something besides a letter (such as 3INS instead of INS3) or
     contain special characters other than #,_,$, and %.)
     Check your Upgrade Express booklet for a listing of the applicable
     reserved word list when ANSI is set OFF.
     Disable the F3 Key
     In many applications you want to prevent the user from having access to
     the structure of the database. But the F3 key to display the columns and
     tables is always there, and you can't define a keymap to make it something
     else. You always get the error message that you must use Alt-F1 through
     Alt-F10 or Alt-1 through Alt-10.
     You can, however, redefine F3 in the RBASE.CFG file. Add the following
     lines to the RBASE.CFG file right after the PRINTER line:
     KEYMAP F3+
     This redefines F3 to blank. You can redefine it to another key, such as
     Alt-F3, by putting that key designation on the second line instead of
     leaving the line blank.