PRODUCT:  R:BASE                  VERSION:  5.0 or higher
     CATALOG:  General Information     AREA   :  General Information
     R:BASE 5.0 installs, but does not run
     System Check 
     1. R:BASE Requires 6mb of RAM and a 10mb swap file. See the file 
     README.TXT for instructions on changing your swap file size.
     2. Be sure the temp directory is EMPTY of any files. The temp 
     directory location is specified by the line SET TEMP= in your 
     AUTOEXEC.BAT file.  Make sure the drive and directory specified by 
     SET TEMP are valid.
     3. Set your video to VGA in Windows setup. Windows setup is usually 
     located in the Main program group. 
     4. Turn off screen savers.
     5. Turn off any virus check software.
     6. Verify that Win32S is correctly installed by running the game 
     Freecell.  Freecell can be downloaded from CompuServe or the Microrim 
     bulletin board, download the file FREECELL.ZIP.
     Clean Boot
     1. Using a text editor such as MS-DOS Edit or Windows Notepad, make a 
     CONFIG.SYS file on a bootable floppy disk. Refer to your DOS manual 
     for instructions on making a bootable floppy disk.
     A sample CONFIG.SYS would contain:
         -- disk partitioner, if needed --
         -- disk compression driver, if needed --
         -- other drivers, if NEEDED to boot your PC --
     ALSO: If you have the following SmartDrive command in your current 
     CONFIG.SYS file you should include it in your new CONFIG.SYS file:
         Device=c:\windows\smartdrive.sys /double_buffer
     Do not load SmartDrive high. If you have a SCSI hard drive, try adding
     the above SmartDrive command if you do not have it.
     2. You also need to make an Autoexec.bat file on the same bootable 
     floppy disk. It should contain:
         prompt $p$g
         set temp=c:\temp  -- if this directory does not exist, create it
     3. You should not load anything from the WIN.INI LOAD= line, nor from
     the Startup group. If anything is loaded in either place, remove it. 
     You can change the line in the WIN.INI file to read LOAD= (nothing
     after the equals sign).
     4. Restart your computer with the bootable floppy disk in drive a:.
     5. Start Windows, and try R:BASE 5.0. 
     R:BASE 5.0 version 1.109x017W has reported conflicts with the 
     following drivers. Click on the Version.INI icon in your R:BASE
     program group to verify the version of 5.0. Remove the driver, change
     the interrupt setting, or select a different video driver in Windows 
     Setup. You may want to contact the manufacturer to see if an updated 
     driver is available. 
     Mouse drivers:
     sound card, for example SoundBlaster, using interrupt 5
     some high resolution video drivers such as: 
       Fahrenheit 501 from Orchid
       Diamond Stealth 24
       Calvin 64 pci