Seven Things to Look for When Buying Database Software
  • 1. Stability - R:BASE is a true relational database with referential integrity, multi user and security built in at the engine level. It is fast, stable and supports an extensive, object based programming environment that is faster to develop in than other alternatives in its class. Through system upgrades, network upgrades and disconnects, R:BASE will continue to function reliably without data corruption or down time.
  • 2. Raw Power - R:BASE's powerful database engine lets you query large amounts of data that other applications can't. And you're never limited to menu listings in R:BASE, because you can run ad hoc queries with the R> prompt command. It supports nested reports and report output in formats such as XML, HTML and Adobe PDF with 128 bit encryption, which puts it in front of the alternatives.
  • 3. Cost Effectiveness - R:BASE programmers world wide report the ability to develop and implement large and small applications in a fraction of the time it would have taken them using more commonly used tools from Visual Basic to Oracle. And with its unique non-technical interface, R:BASE provides non-programmers the ability to implement effective solutions without being limited by a spreadsheet, needing to learn Visual Basic, or requiring the services of a trained programmer.
  • 4. Security - R:BASE also has some of the most comprehensive database security features available. SQL GRANT/REVOKE commands allow you to assign access rights to any database table.
  • 5. Compatibility - R:BASE is ODBC 3 compliant which puts it ahead of its competitors. ODBC 3 compliancy means that R:BASE is an excellent back end for the front end applications. R:BASE also has unprecedented import/export functionality. R:BASE data can be exported to 18 different formats including dBase (dbf), Paradox, csv, MS Excel, slk, dif, Lotus 1-2-3, SQL Script, XML, rtf, LDAP, and others. R:BASE can import data from 9 different formats including dbf, xls, text (fixed field and comma delimited), Excel, HTML, XML, and Access.
  • 6. Scalability - R:BASE's simple database development tools allow non-programmers to create simple databases, forms, and reports with minimal training. The Application Wizard will even allow non-programmers to wrap the forms and reports into a menu driven application for one or more co-workers to use. This non-technical interface makes R:BASE a superior tool for small individual or larger departmental data tracking and reporting needs. At the same time, R:BASE provides the professional strength programming, security, web, and graphical interface tools that allow programmers to create solid and secure enterprise applications accessible by large numbers of users.
  • 7. Network Accessibility - R:BASE requires no network server file to set up. Use your database over a network without fear of data corruption or data loss. With features like automatic concurrency control and automatic row level locking, R:BASE protects data in a network environment even while multiple users edit the same row or record. Accessing R:BASE on the network is as simple as making a choice from a menu.

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