Why Choose R:BASE as your Relational DMS

More than 42+ years
of Continuous Innovations !

High Performance


R:BASE's powerful database engine lets users query large amounts of data that other applications cannot. And, users are never limited to menu listings in R:BASE, because ad hoc queries can be executed at the R> Prompt command interface with lightning quick results.

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Data Stability


R:BASE is a true relational database with referential integrity, no hassle multi-user setup, and security built in at the engine level. It is fast, stable, and supports an extensive, object based programming environment that is quicker to develop in than other database system alternatives.

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Cost Effective


R:BASE users world wide report the ability to develop and implement large and small applications in a fraction of the cost and time it would have taken them using other tools. The rapid application environment and built-in wizards allow businesses to maintain their bottom line.

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powerful and flexible Key features

Maintain elegance for
timeless design

  • Robust SQL Engine: 42 year production
  • Versatile Database Explorer
  • Built-in Wizards (Forms, Reports, Tables, Query)
  • Application Designer with No Outside Code
  • Temporary Tables and Views
  • Form Designer with over 100 Controls
  • Stored Procedures and Triggers
  • GUI Text Editor and Syntax Highlighting
  • Option to Encrypt External Code
  • Built-in Email Support for Reports and Labels
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The key services we offer

Get Professional
Training and Consulting

R:BASE Technologies offers a complete set of training courses to help you and your staff master the development of R:BASE applications. Users can attend courses at any one of our Educational Centers, or you can arrange for our trainers to teach at your facility.

Courses can be organized appropriately to your job, or area of responsibility. We can also help construct a training plan, that provides thorough training for both your project team and your end users. Training professionals can show you how to plan your training throughout the implementation process, so that the right amount of information is delivered to key people, when they need it the most.

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