"I manage the IT department for dozen's of companies and non-profits. One of my clients, a one-hundred million dollar non-profit, was implementing a new Salesforce instance and needed to combine data from dozens of website tools and local data sources. This included an eight year old R:BASE instance that had never been updated. The R:BASE Technologies Services Staff answered the challenge. They asked a few questions and walked me through upgrading to their new platform version that could export the data. They never wavered or placed our data at risk. Their knowledge and professionalism saved us from loosing years of data. R:BASE was on the leading edge when database software was a new idea and they're still leading in today's environment."

-Steve Hummel, Paradox Technology, Contract CIO for thousands of users

"Built like steel, R:BASE is affordable, reliable, innovative, and has the best technical developme-nt team and support network, bar none. For 14 years, R:BASE has been an integral part of every business decision we have made at Industry Express, Inc. We cannot honestly imagine our life or our business without R:BASE and its extensive and continually growing line of products."

- Claudine Robbins, Industry Express

"I have played around with R:BASE since 1986 using version 4 and many other databases as well. I can now say that R:BASE has once again earned my respect and my loyalty. I need the packages and performance that your product provides. I have wanted software that can improve and correct my database design, create a normalized database, create its own forms and reports, create an application to make it work, and then perform the administrative tasks of security and daily cleaning. And all of this must be doable by a database novice without formal training. I attempted this with Oracle and could never even get it load and run by myself. I tried this with DB2 and even with their technical support I could not get the thing to run. I played with Linux products and while PostgreSQL ran beautifully it required I learn programming in order to do anything with it. I do not have that much time. I knew that R:BASE did all of this but during the two ownership changes I wondered if it would ever come out again as a stable product. Well, it appears it has and what a superb, functioning product it is. Thank you for all your hard work."

- Charles Childers

I applaud your team and commend them on their excellent service! I am happy to be a long term customer for not only the superior software but, the superior team at R:BASE Technologies.

- Bruce Pellegrini

"As so much more than just a database product, R:BASE offers power, total reliability, and everything you could need for integration with today's technology. As a company, R:BASE Technologies, Inc. offers unparalleled support and response to its users, along with an uncanny anticipation of what the users will want next! We've loved it for over 20 years."

- Pat Peake, Medical Benchmarks

"AC-U-KWIK's franchise has been streamlined by having R:BASE as its operating system. The new R:BASE features have allowed us to have a one stop shop for editorial, sales and production. It saves us time and money by having one system perform so many tasks."

- Frank Craven, Prism Business Media, Publisher AC-U-KWIK / Aircraft Bluebook

"We use R:BASE to provide school districts with real time, 24/7 access (via the Internet) to their budget information, while also allowing them to enter and process from A-Z purchase orders, work orders, warehouse orders, track fixed assets and software licenses just to name a few things. All this accessible any time of day from any web enabled computer in the world. The system efficiently handles 1,000,000 SQL hits per day.

"We have used R:BASE since 1984 and before we made our applications web-based, we made desktop applications, which did the same things our web-based applications do now.

"All this time, we have never once had a corrupted database, never once lost any of our clients' data and have always had excellent service and support from RBTI as well as from the development mailing list.

"The R in R:BASE is more than Relational, it is time-proven Robust, Reliable, Rapid application development."

- Current Solutions

"We saved one manufacturing client about $80,000 in one year alone in increased productivity by employing just one of the cool new features in the latest R:BASE version. They are very happy!"

- Eric M. Bienstock, Ph.D.

"As an R:BASE developer since its inception in the early 80's, our applications have incorporated R:BASE enhancements as they became available over these many years. Virtually hundreds of PC data base products have come and gone, but R:BASE is still here today, due in no small part to the efforts of R:BASE Technologies, Inc. under the direction of Dr. Memon.

"The strength of R:BASE has always been the ease of development and its robust, industry strength, database engine. Developers can provide extraordinary screen forms and reports, which are feature rich and a delight to build and use. This product has truly 'skipped a generation' and will continue to provide on-target solutions to thousands of customers."

- Dennis Fleming, IISCO

"The fastest and most powerful RAD environment in the industry and gives the client the most bang for the development buck."

- Bernie Corrigan, Corrigan & Associates

"We just replaced Quickbooks and Act with R:BASE and now we have one program that is doing all that they were doing and more. It is more efficient, faster, and it does it our way!"

- Paul & Karen Dewey, New Horizon Interlock, Inc.

"We were amazed at the flexibility of the software and how quickly changes could be made for our case management program."

- Linda Kelley, Workplace Consultants

"My clients are many times in 'shock and awe' when they see how fast an executable application can be in developed and in use, while my competitors are still scratching their heads trying to get Active Server Pages to work right. As a medical software developer, time is critical to my customers. R:BASE cuts application development time, and is incredibly stable over a network. You have to try real hard to break it..."

- Bob Castanaro, EZMEDWARE

"R:BASE was used to confirm and barcode all the manufacturing assets in all US and Canada locations for one of the world's largest automobile manufacturers."

"R:BASE made it possible to reconcile what equipment was actually found in the plants to the accounting list of what should be there. Searches, sorts and views in the browser, and specialized programs and reports enabled the painstaking and methodical process of identifying what was found and tagged, found but not able to be tagged, and not found, scrapped, transferred or sold."

"Traffic signal maintenance reporting, contact databases, financial record keeping, and personal property tax analysis and reporting have all benefited from R:BASE's powerful tools."

"My present lifestyle, to a great extent, would not have been possible without the programs and support from R:BASE."

"The helpful developer community, together with Razzak and his team, make it an adventure to improve the product and its applications."

- Randy Peterson CPA, MBA, CMA

The R:BASE application running at Southline Metal Products in Houston, Texas, has run completely trouble free for many years now. The company is delighted by the reduction in application support costs. But more importantly, they have been extremely satisfied with the migration and resulting application. The R:BASE application is so consistent in look and feel. The performance and functionality is excellent, and really what I had always wanted it to be.

Not a single issue unresolved, not a single work around, no product (language/database) limitations. And the fact that it can be remotely supported over the web is another tremendous benefit.

As an IT Project Manager for General Motors I have few opportunities to do software development, where I actually write any code.

- Joe Krzyzaniak