The Best 32-bit SQL Database Engine for Your WindowsTM Applications     
     PRODUCT:  SQL Engine                       VERSION:  2.0
     Microrim has just released a new version of the R:BASE SQL Engine, 
     version 2.0 for Windows.  If you need to develop Windows applications, 
     then you need version 2.0 of the R:BASE SQL Engine. 
     With Version 2.0, you can use any Windows application development 
     environment that supports ODBC Level 1, such as Visual Basic or C++, 
     to build royalty-free independent applications with the back-end power 
     and flexibility of R:BASE.
     This new release includes the following new features:
     32-bit engine.  The R:BASE SQL Engine 2.0 is one of the few 32-bit 
     database SQL engines available today.  It takes advantage of the power 
     and functionality of the 32-bit environment using Microsoft's WIN32s 
     to create 32-bit Windows applications.
     New documentation and on-line help. Version 2.0 includes an updated 
     User's Manual and Windows on line help.  These new features are a 
     definite improvement over the last release of the R:BASE SQL Engine.
     New samples.  This updated package also includes new sample 
     applications in both the Visual Basic and C++ languages.  These 
     samples are referenced throughout the documentation and on line help 
     as examples of how to use version 2.0 with the more popular Windows 
     development environments.  You may also cut & paste sample code 
     referenced in on line help, and use it within your own application 
     ODBC level 1.  Version 2.0 of the R:BASE SQL Engine is ODBC level 1 
     and partial level 2 compliant.  This means you can use any Windows 
     tools and/or data controls that support the ODBC level 1 standard.  
     This allows you, as an R:BASE developer of Windows applications, 
     more efficient programming options.
     Added R:BASE features.  This updated release also has added R:BASE 
     database optimization features, including:  PACK & RELOAD, Variables, 
     UDFs, STATICDB, FASTFK, and over 70 Super Math functions.  As a 
     developer, you can take advantage of some of R:BASE's key development 
     tools within your Windows applications.
     ANSI '89 Level 2 SQL.  Version 2.0 complies with full ANSI '89 Level 2 
     SQL with SQL '92 extensions, including:  Data Definition Language 
     (DDL), Data Manipulation Language (DML), updatable bi-directional 
     scrollable cursors, row-level locking, built-in declarative 
     referential and entity integrity, and multiple simultaneous database 
     and/or application connections.
     All the functionality of last release and more.  R:BASE SQL Engine 2.0 
     continues to provide you with the ability to manipulate databases, 
     associated tables, views, and dBASE files, while maintaining the same 
     level of support for security and data integrity as found in the full 
     R:BASE product.  
     Version 2.0 includes all the same functionality R:BASE SQL Engine has 
     always provided, including:  royalty-free runtime, local area network 
     (LAN) unlimited user support, cost-based query optimization, complete 
     indexing capabilities, SQL and ODBC standard error handling, dBASE 
     support, and more.
     Database specifications
     Numerous data types are supported, including:  CHARACTER, CURRENCY, 
     (fixed precision), REAL, SMALLINT, TEXT, and TIME
     Unlimited rows (records) per table and database
     Unlimited tables per view
     Up to 16,000 indexes per table or database
     Up to 16,000 columns (fields)
     Up to 16,000 tables and views
     Up to 400 columns (fields) allowed per table
     4,096 is the maximum row (record) length
     Characters per column (field) are limited to 4,092 for note data and 1,500
 for text data
     Maximum data file size is 4 Gigabytes
     System Requirements
     A PC with a 386 or faster processor with a minimum of 4 MB of RAM  (8 MB r
     Microsoft Windows 3.1 or above
     The R:BASE SQL Engine requires approximately 4 MB of hard disk 
      space; C++ compilers, Windows programming environments, databases and 
      applications require additional space;  refer to each product's 
      documentation for information about additional memory requirements
     A Windows application programming environment, such as:  Microsoft 
      C 6 / C 7, Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic 2.0 or above, Borland 
      C++ languages, or other Windows programming languages that can call 
      DLLs (for example, PowerBuilder)
     Networked:  requires a NetBIOS compatible dedicated server
     Order Today!  The suggested retail price of version 2.0 is $595.  If 
     you are already a registered user of the R:BASE SQL Engine, you are 
     eligible to receive version 2.0 for the special upgrade price of $195.  
     To purchase this product or request more detailed information, call 
     the Microrim Sales Department at 800/628-6990.
     R:BASE is a registered trademark of Microrim, Inc.  Windows 3.1, 
     ODBC, Microsoft C, WIN32s, Microsoft Visual Basic, and Visual C++ are 
     registered trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Borland C++ and dBASE 
     are registered trademarks of Borland International.  PowerBuilder is 
     a trademark of Powersoft Corporation.