Crystal Reports for R:BASE
     PRODUCT: Crystal Reports   VERSION: 1.0
     AREA: Reports              CATALOG: GENERAL INFORMATION
     Microrim is releasing another new WindowsTM DBMS tool called Crystal 
     Reports for R:BASE. Crystal Reports is one of the hottest selling 
     Windows report writers on the market today. Microrim has entered a 
     special license agreement with Crystal Computer Services, Inc. to 
     offer R:BASE customers a version of Crystal Reports that works 
     specifically with R:BASE. The product will be released by the end 
     of June. You will be able to use this report writer with all DOS 
     versions of R:BASE (2.x, 3.x and 4.x) including R:BASE 4.5 to create 
     powerful data analysis reports.
     Crystal Reports for R:BASE is a powerful, yet easy-to-use Windows 
     report writer for database reporting! The product includes both a 
     Report Designer and a Report Engine Dynamic Link Library (DLL).
     The Report Designer
     The Report Designer allows for simple layout of reports by end users 
     as well as powerful data analysis reports by power users. You can 
     produce professional quality reporting with graphic inserts and 
     complex calculations using the powerful formula language.
     Key functions and features of the Report Engine include:
     Presentation-quality reports
     The report writer has multiple report design options including:  full 
     Windows printer and font support, graphics, boxes, drop shadows, lines 
     and COLOR. With the lines, drop shadows and boxes you can emphasize 
     text, add pizzazz and visual impact to reports. Crystal Reports for 
     R:BASE was designed for maximum graphics compatibility. As long as the 
     graphics are stored in one of the popular graphics formats, such 
     as .bmp, .pcx, .gif, .tif, and .tga, Crystal will enable you to use it 
     in your report. You can use bit-mapped graphics in your reports from a 
     wide variety of sources, including:  scanners, paint programs, video 
     capture cards, screen capture programs, CompuServeTM, commercial 
     graphics developers, and shareware and public domain graphics 
     Point-and-click ease-of-use
     With the banded WYSIWIG Report Designer model, creating reports is 
     easy to understand and fast to work with. With full mouse support you 
     can drag and drop tables, columns, or text anywhere on the report. You 
     can easily produce mailing labels by selecting standard AveryTM 
     formats or custom layouts. Use the right mouse Property Inspector to 
     make changing field attributes, inserting subtotals, and selecting 
     data very simple. 
     Industrial strength data analysis
     With over 100 functions and operators including standard deviation, 
     two pass reporting, group sorting, and variance summary types, 
     powerful data-intensive reports can be created in minutes. The same 
     reports that used to take an R:BASE power user hours of programming, 
     can now be accomplished in minutes by any R:BASE user. Two pass 
     reporting is a key calculation to mention. The two pass reporting 
     gives you the ability to perform percentage calculations that require 
     passing through the database twice. You can produce sales percentages 
     by area within overall quarter sales, or use it for aging reports in 
     accounting, or for inventory percentages within subgroups, the list 
     goes on... Crystal Reports for R:BASE is an extension of the power of 
     R:BASE for the Windows environment.
     The Report Engine DLL
     The Report Engine DLL is an object-oriented development tool for 
     reporting that allows professional developers, MIS staff and 
     programmers to save hundreds of hours on all of their development 
     projects. Reports designed with Crystal Reports for R:BASE can be 
     seamlessly integrated with applications developed using other Windows 
     development tools to ensure rapid application development. Application 
     developers can use Crystal Reports for R:BASE to create reports, then 
     their customers can print them from within their Windows applications. 
     With Crystal Reports for R:BASE you can distribute your reports to an 
     unlimited number of customers as a runtime version -- this creates 
     endless options for you and your clients. 
     Key functions and features of the Report Engine include:
     Reports from multiple tables. With Crystal Reports for R:BASE you can 
     link multiple tables together to report the information you need. Or 
     link R:BASE data in R:BASE views and create reports using those views. 
     An example for using this feature is when you want to combine your 
     inventory data table with your sales table to create a current cost of 
     sales report. 
     Print reports from the Windows desktop -- even when you're not there! 
     The unique report compiler generates report icons for printing from 
     the Windows desktop. By saving regularly used reports as "report 
     icons", printing them is as simple as clicking on an icon. Set reports 
     to print after hours when network traffic is lower by setting print 
     options for when and where you want them to print. You can also easily 
     change the report formats without re-compiling or changing your code.  
     Power for professional programmers. User-defined functions can easily 
     be added to the Crystal Reports formula language by writing functions 
     in C, C++ or any other language that will compile a DLL and then add 
     in the DLL to Crystal Reports. Additional calls to the Report Engine 
     give you the ability to develop professional applications to be used 
     with a wide variety of printers. 
     To run Crystal Reports for R:BASE 
     To use this product, you will need the following:
     * Microsoft Windows version 3.0 or later and MS DOS 3.1 or later 
       compatible PC using 80286 or higher microprocessor.
     * You will need a hard disk and a 5.25" or 3.5" high-density disk 
     * 4 MB of RAM and 5 MB of disk space 
     * EGA, VGA, 8514/A, or Hercules Graphics Card or other high resolution 
       graphics card compatible with Microsoft Windows version 3.0 or later.
     * Optional: mouse or other pointing device. It will work with all 
       printers and networks supported by Microsoft Windows.
     * Data can be accessed from any R:BASE for DOS version.
     More Windows Tools Slated for 1993
     Refer to upcoming issues of The Exchange for information on additional 
     Windows DBMS tools from Microrim. And, for more information on Crystal 
     Reports for R:BASE, the R:BASE SQL Engine or the R:BASE DataPublisher 
     -- or to place an order -- call (800) 628-6990.