R:BASE 11 - Latest relational database elements

R:BASE 11 for Windows

R:BASE 11 is the new major release from R:BASE Technologies showcasing the latest advances for databases and applications. R:BASE 11 has been honed to combine pure performance and high-tech features with a practical interface for users of all levels.

R:BASE 11 users can achieve peak productivity to overachieve, outperform, and over-deliver on data management goals.


Product Features
(scroll down for recent additions):

  • Robust SQL Engine
  • 42 Years of Continuous Innovation
  • Temporary Tables and Views
  • Stored Procedures and Triggers
  • 512-Bit Built-in File Encryption
  • Form Designer with over 100 Controls
  • Report Designer with over 45 Controls
  • Label Designer with over 45 Controls
  • Sub-Reports and Nested Sub-Reports
  • Graphical Query Designer
  • Quick and Powerful Application Designer
  • Integrated File Gateway (Import/Export)
  • Simple to Use Form Wizard
  • Intuitive Report Wizard with Invoice template and Styles
  • Fast and Easy Label Wizard
  • Query Wizard with True Graphic User Interface
  • Versatile Database Explorer
  • GUI Text Editor and Syntax Highlighting
  • Built-in E-mail Support for Reports
  • Built-in Image/BLOB Data Viewer/Editor
  • Built-in PDF Writer with 128-Bit Security
  • Built-in Bar Codes
  • Support for Custom Plugins/WinUDFs
  • Data Dictionary for Database Information
  • Trace Debugger with Watch Variables
  • SQL Queries at R> Prompt
  • Universal color palette with over 180 options
  • Form-level Themes, with support to load external themes
  • Ability to search for text in all database areas

The following new features are specific to R:BASE 11,
and are grouped by module:
Global Environment:
  • Updated GUI to better match the appearance of current operating systems
  • New Database Comments (stored as notes within file 1), which are available for review at the Database Explorer, Data Dictionary, and Databases Properties
  • New database stored static variables, which are automatically defined when the database is connected
  • Enhanced Color Editor dialog for background/foreground colors, object properties, and in other areas were a color may be selected
  • Enhanced R:Calculator plugin with history (persisted between sessions)
  • Enhanced Font dialog for designers, with font type preview and color customization
  • Added "Defaults" button for the R:BASE Startup Options
  • New CMDHIST setting to control the "Update Command History" check box, when running forms and printing reports/labels from the Database Explorer
  • Redesigned Data Dictionary utility

    • Preferred Tabs Location - places the tab at the desired top, bottom, left, or right edge
    • Linked Tables/Columns - when a table is selected in the Tables tab, it is preselected when viewing the Columns tab (for SYSTEM TABLES also)
    • Space Separated Values - includes a space directly after the comma, where the cursor can move between values with greater ease
    • Prioritize Tab Order - reorganize the tab stacking order with drag-and-drop
    • MDI Support - the utility recognizes the MDI setting, and will remain open while other areas of R:BASE are used
    • Content Refresh - when focus is switched back to the Data Dictionary, the content will automatically refresh (only in MDI mode)
    • Color Value Conversions - provides a "Color Tool" mechanism to convert RGB colors to numbers
    • Tab Navigation - the [Ctrl+Page Down] and [Ctrl+Page Up] hot keys allow the next/previous tab navigation
    • Color Identifiers - the tabs are organized with distinctive color identifiers (triangle in top right corner) to improve the readability
    • Theme Preview - the Themes tab includes a preview button to review the theme presentation
  • Enhanced Find in Files utility supporting multiple folder searches (including multiple drive letters)
  • Added ability to capture the Find in Files utility search results, where the file names can be copied, and also the file names, date/time modified value, and file size
  • Enhanced Database Versions utility supporting multiple folder searches (including multiple drive letters)
  • Enhanced Database Versions utility display with results matching the Hidden File and/or Hidden Folder criterion
  • New TJOURNAL setting to optionally generate a transaction processing journal file to track database changes associated with each COMMIT or ROLLBACK.
Database Explorer:
  • New Find in list Filter to search for items within the work space
  • Support to directly edit a stored procedure's code from the Database Explorer
  • Added column for Views, listing the table/view source that each view is comprised of
  • Added "Expand Selection" and "Shrink Selection" menu options to the Command Files group
  • Enhanced results when searching for text in EEPs, object properties, and expressions, where the date/time stamp and version are provided
  • Added Plugins button to the main toolbar
  • Enhanced WHERE Builder when running a form or printing a report/label which contains slave tables, where "ARRANGE TableName BY ColumnName" parameters can be specified
  • Added display of slave tables when selecting to run a form or print a report/label from the main toolbar
  • Added support to edit a view in R:BASE Editor from the Database Explorer
  • New "Open Table WHERE..." and "Open View WHERE..." options added to the group bar
  • Added "Save" button when searching for text in EEPs, object properties, and expressions
  • Added display for the current INSERT/OVERWRITE status in the R:BASE status bar
  • Added support to edit a stored procedure declaration in R:BASE Editor
  • Added display of comments when running an external form from the main toolbar when no external form is selected
  • Added EXCEPT clause for the SELECT ALL command, to exclude a subset of columns from a query
  • New RESET command to retain the date/time for tables and views when generating structure information with the UNLOAD command
  • Enhanced LIST command which displays the last data modification date/time stamp, and the last schema modification date/time stamp, and comment for the connected database
  • New SET STATICVAR command to define static variables, which are part of a connected database
  • Enhanced DIR command to support sort ordering with ASC and DESC parameters
  • Enhanced PROJECT command with EXCEPT parameter support to specify columns that will not be included in the projected table
  • Support for local variables within MDI forms with SET VARIABLE MDI
  • Added CREATE INDEX support for NOT NULL (partial) indexes, where the index is populated with references to rows where the column value is not NULL
  • Enhanced LIST VIEWS which shows the tables/views that are used in each view
  • Enhanced COMMENT ON command to specify a comment for the connected database
  • New EXPLAIN command which outputs the optimizer selections for the specified query
  • Enhanced BROWSE and EDIT commands with EXCEPT parameter support to specify columns that will not be included in the Data Browser
  • Enhanced PRINT... OPTION SCREEN with additional parameters to disable the Find Text and Report Outline buttons, just like other enabled/disable buttons parameters
  • Enhanced GRANT user privileges allowing CREATE privileges on TEMPORARY TABLES to be separate from CREATE privileges on permanent tables
  • Enhanced LIST command to display QualKey columns
  • New DBCONN command which displays all applications (application, path, and file name) with connections to the connected database
  • Enhanced UNLOAD DATA command to specify custom quote and delimiter character values for ASCII/CSV formats
  • Enhanced LIST command which includes the number of views, stored procedures, forms, reports, and labels
  • Enhanced SHOW VARIABLE command which supports wildcard characters for the variable name, even when the =w parameter is present
  • Enhanced DEBUG setting variable debugging feature where a warning will display if a SET VAR declaration is executed when the variable already exists and the variable type changes
  • Added ROWS_PER_FILE parameter for the GATEWAY exports where the records may be broken up into separate files based on the quantity of records in each file
  • Enhanced GATEWAY EXPORT formula detection support for Excel formats to dismiss equal characters that exist in table values, which are not actual formulas
  • Enhanced ExtForm plugin to include a SET_VERSION_NUMBER parameter, where the version number for an external form can be adjusted/reset
  • Enhanced FEEDBACK setting where AUTONUM is added to the list of command which will show feedback
  • Enhanced GATEWAY IMPORT support for the XML format to flatten the structure and process attribute options for improved loading of data nodes
Data Designer:
  • New Table Wizard

    • 32 available templates (Business/Personal)
    • Custom column definition (data type, not NULL) and ordering
    • Primary key definition (single/multiple fields), auto incrementing value
    • Table comment/description
    • Available SQL syntax
  • Added support to directly edit stored procedure code from the Triggers area
  • New menu options to create NOT Null Index definitions
  • Enhanced default column value capabilities, where static and global variable can be used
  • Enhanced lasso frame for highlighting and selecting multiple objects easier
  • Added ability to roll back unwanted changes to variable definitions (one variable at a time) in the Expression Builder
  • Enhanced display of variable values within property editors and other areas for variable based controls, to help differentiate between variables
  • Added ability to assign an EEP or command file to an Enhanced DB Navigator button
  • Improved Tab Order settings window in tabular format
  • New Enhanced DB Navigator "Image Style" sets (Flat Gray, Flat Blue, Cute, Office, and Infographic) for use with new operating systems
  • New Default Form Settings tab to assign the default panes for Status Bar controls
  • Enhanced Bit Button and Push Button objects with Flat Face and Flat Shadow properties, for improved display in forms with backgrounds using darker colors
  • Enhanced right click context menu for the Custom Form Actions and controls to include the underlying Custom EEP options
  • Added "On Form Activate" and "On Form Deactivate" EEPs, which fire when the form receives focus, and when focus is moved to another form
  • Enhanced display for Pop-up Menus where zebra stripes can be enabled
  • Added Hint Expressions to List View and List Box controls to display a hint for the current mouse hovered row
  • Added "On Form Move" EEP, which fires when the form is moved
  • Added right click menu on the Tab Order listed items to allow quick editing of attributes or to show the property editor
  • Added right click menu on the Tab Order child items to filter the results by Read Only, Tab Stop, Enabled, and Component ID values
  • Enhanced Existing tab of the Object List toolbar to list the control hierarchy according to the tab order
  • Added Split View property to alter the separator line color
Reports and Labels:
  • New Aztec Code 2-Dimensional Barcode type added
  • The Print Preview includes an optional Report Outline for quickly referencing data in large reports
  • Added Report Designer guidelines to assist users when placing/moving objects
  • The Print Preview window includes the "Report Outline" and "Find Text" buttons by default
  • New Report Designer zoom capability (slider object), for detailed reports
  • Added ability to roll back unwanted changes to variable definitions (one variable at a time) in the Expression Builder
  • Enhanced Edit toolbar with the display of variable values within the variable list, to differentiate variables
  • Added encoding types (ASCII, C40, Text, X12, EDIFACT, Binary, ASCII Manual, Auto) for 2D Barcode Data Matrix labels
  • Enhanced "Border" option to the Format toolbar
  • New "Grow to Height" and "Grow to Width" Options for Size toolbar
  • New display setting to show the Report/Label Designer margins with a custom color
  • Added 2D Barcode Data Matrix label settings (size of each Data Matrix module, rendered barcode as square)
  • Added File Delimiter options for "Print to Text File Setup" utility; SemiColon and Space
  • Added "Bring Forward" and "Send Backward" options to the Format toolbar and context menu
  • New Gradient button on the Draw toolbar to define gradient coloring for shape objects
  • Additional "align text within borders" options added to the Format toolbar
  • New "Column Balancing" setting added to the Page Setup > Layout tab
  • Enhanced navigation in the Print Preview with zoom and scrolling with the mouse wheel
  • Added Clear Selection button in the top left corner of the rulers to deselect any object
  • Enhanced Find in Print Preview search with a "Whole Word" option to locate text that is contained within a whole word
Trace Debugger:
  • Trace Prompt toolbar into which any R:BASE command may be manually entered and executed
  • Added right click menu option for when running a command file/EEP in the debugger, to insert a highlighted command into the R> Prompt Command History
  • New "Add Variable Value to Command History" Trace Debugger menu option to add complex ampersand variable commands to R> Prompt Command History
  • Added right click menu option for when running a command file/EEP in the debugger, to insert a highlighted command into the R> Prompt Favorites
  • New CVAL('LAST_MOD') function to return the date and time stamp (text) for the last modification made to the database data
  • New CVAL('LAST_SCHEMA_MOD') function to return the date and time stamp (text) for the last modification made to the database schema
  • New FISHER statistical function to return the Fisher transformation
  • New RANKAVG statistical function to return the statistical rank of a given value, within a supplied array of values
  • New RANKEQ statistical function to return the statistical rank of a given value, within a supplied array of values
  • Enhanced SELECT... LISTOF(ColName) function to support up to 10,000 characters
  • New CVAL('QUALKEY TABLES') function to return tables which contain a QualKey column
  • New CVAL('QUALKEYS') function to return columns assigned as a QualKeys
  • New CVAL('DBCOMMENT') function to retrieve the comments for a connected database
File Gateway:
  • Added support to import OpenOffice spreadsheet (.ods) files
  • Added support to export data to OpenOffice Text Document (.odt) files
  • Enhanced Export tab, where the Tables/Views combo box can be limited to tables, views, or both
  • Enhanced XML import support to flatten the structure and process attribute options for improved loading of data nodes
Stored Procedures/Triggers:
  • Added history for stored procedure searches
  • Enhanced drop trigger flexibility, to optionally drop a before trigger, or after trigger, separately
Query Builder/Query Wizard:
  • Enhanced Query Wizard allowing for multiple instances of a single table, for building self-referential constructs
  • Improved Create Alias dialog to better review computed column definitions
  • Added Query Wizard "Column Comments" option to toggle the display of comments for table columns in the wizard workspace
R:BASE Editor:
  • Added right click "Add to Code Templates" context menu for highlighted text
  • Ability to review and edit the text attributes for the Syntax Scheme in use (cursor position)
  • Added right click "Add to R> Favorites" context menu for highlighted text
  • Added status bar pane showing the Syntax Scheme (R:BASE, Java, MS-DOS, etc.) in use
  • Enhanced file launch capability within the Compare by Content utility (double click file content)
R> Prompt:
  • Enhanced Favorite Commands selection of multiple commands, where the result is concatenated for execution as a group
  • Added [Ctrl+Page Down] and [Ctrl+Page Up] Command History key combinations to place the focus to the bottom or top of the list
  • Enhanced console fonts, where the font name, style, and size are independent for the input console and output console
  • Enhanced Favorite Commands which interpret a double-click (equivalent to Run button), to run several commands in sequence
  • Added Favorite Commands right click option to copy the selected command to the clipboard
User Privileges:
  • Added ability to allow CREATE privileges on TEMPORARY TABLES to be to be separate from CREATE privileges on permanent tables
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