A. A Single Seat Satellite License is essentially additional licensing for an individual user to install an R:BASE Technologies product on one additional computer.

A. Satellite Licenses are available for users to add onto existing Single Seat Licenses. A user with a Single Seat of an R:BASE Technologies product can acquire one Satellite License for their software.

A. All R:BASE and R:BASE add-on products are available as a Single Seat Satellite License.

A. An R:BASE Single Seat Satellite License is available for only $195.00. Please contact the R:BASE Technologies Sales Team regarding Single Seat Satellite Licensing for R:BASE add-on products.

A. Satellite Licensing is primarily for individual users who perform the majority of their work on two computers in two different locations, for example, a desktop computer for comfort, and on a laptop computer for mobility.

A. Yes. A Single Seat Satellite License can be added to purchase of Single Seat License, or added at a later time with no difference in cost.