R:BASE X.5 for Windows

R:BASE X.5 (Version 10.5) is the innovative release from R:BASE Technologies offering the latest relational database elements to create function-rich and visually appealing applications.

The must-have powerful and flexible features give users an extended range of dashboard controls encompassing simplicity without sacrificing elegance.

Providing crucial data protection, that is also reliable and secure, R:BASE X.5 delivers a versatile environment for building robust systems for real time data analysis and essential business management.

Technical and Software Support

R:BASE Product Features

  • Robust SQL Engine
  • 42 Years of Continuous Innovation
  • Temporary Tables and Views
  • Stored Procedures and Triggers
  • 512-Bit Built-in File Encryption
  • Form Designer with over 100 Controls
  • Report Designer with over 45 Controls
  • Label Designer with over 45 Controls
  • Sub-Reports and Nested Sub-Reports
  • Graphical Query Designer
  • Quick and Powerful Application Designer
  • Integrated File Gateway (Import/Export)
  • Simple to Use Form Wizard
  • Intuitive Report Wizard with Invoice template and new Styles
  • Fast and Easy Label Wizard
  • Query Wizard with True GUI Interface
  • Versatile Database Explorer
  • GUI Text Editor and Syntax Highlighting
  • Built-in E-mail Support for Reports
  • Built-in Image/BLOB Data Viewer/Editor
  • Built-in PDF Writer with 128-Bit Security
  • Built-in Bar Codes
  • Support for Custom Plugins/WinUDFs
  • Data Dictionary for Database Information
  • Trace Debugger with Watch Variables
  • SQL Queries at R> Prompt
  • Universal color palette with over 180 options
  • Form-level Themes, with support to load external themes
  • Ability to search for text in text in all database areas