R:BASE X.5 uses RB1-RB4 database file extensions, and is the appropriate upgrade option for R:BASE users whose database total size is less than 500MB.

R:BASE X.5 Enterprise uses the RX1-RX4 file extensions and is the appropriate upgrade option for all R:BASE users who require access to larger database file sizes. R:BASE X.5 Enterprise also includes several additional data types for larger column data. R:BASE X Enterprise (Version 10.0), eXtreme 9.5 (64), and R:BASE Turbo V-8 users will upgrade to R:BASE X.5 Enterprise. R:BASE X.5 Enterprise is also the appropriate product to connect to SQL Server, Oracle, DB2, and other large database products.

Both R:BASE X.5 and R:BASE X.5 Enterprise will run on x86 and x64 operating systems, as both are x86 (32-bit) executables.

R:BASE Product X.5 (Version 10.5) Comparison
Product Feature R:BASE X.5 R:BASE X.5 Enterprise
Database File Size Limit 2 GB 2.3 million TB
Data Pointers 32-bit 64-bit
Row Size Limit 4,096 bytes 32,768 bytes
Number of Tables per Database 16,000 32,000
Number of Columns per Table 800 2,048
Number of Computed Columns per Table 80 400
Number of Indexes per Table 400 1,024
Number of Columns per Database 16,000 32,000
Number of Indexes per Database 16,000 32,000
Database Name Limit 8 characters 128 characters
Table/View Name Limit 18 characters 128 characters
Column Name Limit 18 characters 128 characters
Form/Report/Label Name Limit 18 characters 128 characters
User Password Limit 18 characters 128 characters
Expression Size Limit 240 characters 2000 characters
"SELECT" Items Limit 100 1024
Number of Items Accumulated in a SELECT 400 1,024
ASCII Expression Size Limit 1,000 2,000
Number of Tokens Limit in a command 2,010 8,020
Enhanced DOS to Windows Conversion
64-bit ODBC Driver
32-bit ODBC Driver
Date/Time for Table and View Structure
Date/Time and Version for Forms/Reports/Labels
BOOLEAN Data Type Support
BIGNUM Data Type Support
BIGINT Data Type Support
SMALLINT Data Type Support
WIDETEXT Data Type Support
WIDENOTE Data Type Support
GUID Data Type Support
BSTR Data Type Support
MIGRATE Command for Database Conversions
Increased SQL Query Storage for Views
Front-End Compatibility (Oracle, DB2, MS SQL)