A High-End Performance Solution for Database Application Developers!

Oterro is a relational ODBC database engine ideal for use in a file server environment when using application development tools, such as, Visual Basic, Delphi, ADO, ADO.NET, RDO, Cold Fusion, ASP, PHP, Java, WebSphere and many other products.

Oterro is the solution for programmers who are exceeding the limits of their current engine. It's the sophisticated high-end database engine that you won't outgrow.

Oterro adheres to Codd's theory of true relational database management. Oterro is able to operate in a complex multi-user environment at high capacity and high speed. In short, Oterro is the ODBC driver for R:BASE databases.


Oterro 11 is the ODBC driver for R:BASE 11 databases. The driver connects to the RX1-RX4 database files that were created with R:BASE 11. Oterro 11 includes the dual architecture 64-bit and 32-bit ODBC drivers.