Deploying and Managing R:BASE Applications on the Cloud

Course Outline:
  • Basic understanding of cloud computing and how it works
  • How to protect your data far more securely than a peer-to-peer or local area network can
  • How to cut hardware costs by running multiple applications on a single server
  • How to identify events and situations that should trigger an analysis towards running existing R:BASE applications on the cloud
  • Best practices for developers, users, and network administrators learning about deploying R:BASE applications on the cloud
  • Which cloud provider is the best fit for your budget and peace of mind
  • Which cloud provider has the best and most intuitive user interface to manage and monitor your cloud server
  • Key economic factors when making decisions in choosing cloud services
  • How to coach and develop staff protocols in transition from LAN-based R:BASE applications to cloud solutions
  • Leveraging the resources and infrastructure of cloud service providers
  • Basic requirements and knowledge to deploy R:BASE applications on the cloud
  • Building your comprehensive cloud security checklist
  • Test Drive your R:BASE Applications on the Cloud (pick the one that best fits your needs)
  • Hands-on workshop to deploy R:BASE applications on the cloud, including:
    1. A. Setup and configure a new MS Windows 2012 R2/2016/2019 server
      B. Configure Active Directory Domains and Trusts
      C. Configure Active Directory Users and Computers
      D. Configure Active Directory Web Services
      E. Setup IIS Services (IIS)
      F. Setup ODBC Data Sources
      G. Configure Remote Desktop Gateway Manager
      H. Configure Remote Desktop Licensing Manager
      I. Configure Windows Firewall with Advanced Security
      J. Configure Windows Server Backup
      K. Configure Group Policy
      L. Setup IE Enhanced Security
      M. Setup RD Web Access Server (RDWeb) for RemoteApp and Desktop Connection
      N. Customize RD Web Access and User Login Pages
      O. Setup and configure Secure FTP server on your Cloud
      P. Setup and configure SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) Certificates and SSL Encryption
      Q. Leverage Microsoft discounted license pricing via Microsoft Volume Licensing Program
      R. Setup and configure your R:BASE applications on the Cloud

2-Day Event: $1,295.00 per Attendee
1-Day Event: $645.00 per Attendee

Training Style: Lecture (all attendees should bring their own laptop/notebook computers)

Time: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

For reservations/inquiries, please send an email to rbasetraining@rbase.com