R:BASE Database File Formats

When converting R:BASE databases, you will need to know which version of R:BASE you are upgrading from. Refer to the following table to determine the R:BASE file format and extension for the files in use, and associated the appropriate version to the files.

R:BASE Database File Formats
4000 / 5000 System V to 4.0 4.5 to 5.0 5.1 to 10.5 Turbo V-8 to R:BASE 11
DbName1.RBS DbName1.RBF DbName.RB1 DbName.RB1 DatabaseName.RX1
DbName2.RBS DbName2.RBF DbName.RB2 DbName.RB2 DatabaseName.RX2
DbName3.RBS DbName3.RBF DbName.RB3 DbName.RB3 DatabaseName.RX3
DbName.RB4 DatabaseName.RX4