30 Day Complimentary Technical Support Disclosure

This supplement was created to clarify the details of the agreement between R:BASE Technologies, Inc. and the licensee of the R:BASE product, to provide complimentary assistance for installation and elementary conversion issues of the program.

    1. To help us expedite the process and provide high quality assistance, the licensee must provide proof of purchase when calling. Proof of purchase is defined as the following: Registration Number, Purchase Date, Version And Build Number, and company or individual to which the product is registered.
    2. To have operating system, workstations, and local network installed and functional. R:BASE Technologies, Inc. will NOT be responsible for resolving issues not pertaining to the R:BASE program.
    3. Our support staff deals with advanced issues, therefore the person contacting R:BASE Technologies, Inc. for assistance should be the system administrator or have other R:BASE/SQL experience and be able to understand and implement the advice given.
    4. To have the database(s) being converted, safely backed-up before attempting conversion process. R:BASE Technologies, Inc. will NOT be held responsible for lost data or corruption as a result of advice given.
    5. Once converted, Licensee is responsible for updating command syntax in APPLICATIONS, altering FORMS and REPORTS to accommodate the 4 digit year function, and other changes as necessary.

    1. To provide quality assistance in a timely manner to aid licensee in the installation of the product within 30 days of the date of purchase.
    2. To provide a reasonable solution for any resolvable issue. Not all issues are resolvable, and therefore we will acknowledge the existence of known issues or "bugs" which we are presently aware of, that have no reasonable work-around.

R:BASE Technologies, Inc. reserves the right to limit the amount of support time allotted to a maximum of 2 HOURS during the 30 Day Complimentary Technical Support period. We also reserve the right to limit the quantity of calls from a particular licensee to 30 MINUTES in a single day. Issues are dealt with on a case by case basis, and therefore at the discretion of the support agent assigned to the case.

Complimentary Support is limited to INSTALLATION and ELEMENTARY CONVERSION related issues ONLY.

For assistance on your APPLICATIONS, DESIGN, OR ADVANCED CONVERSION issues, we offer Technical Support Plans of various types to meet your needs. Please visit Technical Support Plans for details and pricing.