R:WEB Reports is an innovative tool to publish your R:BASE reports online, without R:BASE being installed on your corporate network or web server. Now, all R:BASE users have the option to publish their custom reports online using their own favorite web development tool such as Java, ASP, ASP.NET C#, ColdFusion, ASP.NET VB, CFML/MX, JSP, Perl, PHP, or Servlets.

R:WEB Reports uses its own database connection method to access the R:BASE reports within the database files. The connection can be handled with or without defining an ODBC DSN.

R:WEB Reports also supports the ability to use any R:BASE Plugins, such as R:Charts, within reports. Once R:Charts are designed and fully integrated in your R:BASE reports, users may also access and deploy the report on the web using R:WEB Reports.

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