R:TimeTrack is an easy to use, accurate and flexible employee time tracking program. R:TimeTrack gives management the ability to track, view and report employee information in real-time, supporting the requirement to make decisions "on the fly", where labor costs significantly affect bottom lines. It allows employees to work on various projects or tasks allowing different pay scales based on customized job tracking. R:TimeTrack boasts comprehensive security to protect sensitive employee information from unauthorized access. It gives users an easy to use clock in/clock out interface, so users can track their time easily and so that they can concentrate on real work. Job Tracking, Vacation Scheduling, Payroll Monitoring, and Database Maintenance are among the many tools included to meet the needs of today's business.

By deploying across a local or wide area network, R:TimeTrack allows businesses to monitor and control all aspects of employee time and attendance while reducing the cost of overtime, administrative labor, and clerical mistakes.

R:TimeTrack lets you keep track of the time you spend on projects. You can use it for tracking hourly pay, or just to see how long it takes you to complete various tasks, while using the results to generate billing information for clients.

It generates complete date and time logging with the month, day, year, hours, minutes and seconds until the ending month. You can add a description to each log entry, and logs are stored in standard text files with other applications.

Viewing, modifying and reporting previously recorded time, configuring users and other secondary tasks are conveniently accessed with a good balance between power and ease of use.

R:TimeTrack is suitable for small, medium and large groups with no limit on the number of users per central location.

Those who would benefit from R:TimeTrack include:

  • Employees
  • Consultants and Contractors
  • Managers
  • Web Developers
  • Lawyers and Attorneys
  • Support Staff
  • Accountants
  • Software Developers
  • Architects

Options for user clock in/clock out interfaces include touch screen monitors, ID card reader, and even a biometric fingerprint touch pad.

As the business grows, R:TimeTrack is designed to grow with you offering the configuration and enforcement of complex pay rules and restrictions.

R:TimeTrack is based on the relational database model, and uses an R:BASE database for all data storage. For R:BASE database administrators, this allows you to merge the existing database, which ships with R:TimeTrack, into an existing database on your file server, then edit the R:TimeTrack settings to use the newly merged database.

R:TimeTrack uses of SQL technology allows the scalability required in today's expanding organizations.