R:Synchronizer is a professional-strength data synchronizer program for R:BASE databases that enables you to maintain and use the same data in tables between two or more databases. R:Synchronizer provides the ability to synchronize data between a source and one or more target databases, so that the information is identical. With R:Synchronizer, you can easily transfer data changes with a few mouse clicks.

R:Synchronizer gives you complete control over the synchronization process. For example, you can specify whether records are inserted, deleted, and or updated from the source database to the target database; and vice versa. The option to write synchronization results to a log file is also available.

A "Speed Sync" option is available to expedite the synchronization process by only comparing the date and time stamped columns used by R:Synchronizer.

Column Mapping is used to link the tables, which compares the column values for the synchronization process. If the tables columns are identical, the "Autodetect" button will automatically link the tables by common column names.

R:Synchronizer also includes a feature to define all parameters into a script file (.rsf) for command-line automated synchronization to totally automate the process with no human intervention! It can even be used as powerful backup solution.