Frequently Asked Questions

R:Synchronizer 11 is specific to R:BASE 11 database files.

Yes. From the start, R:Synchronizer was built keeping these practical environments in mind.

Yes. After the initial setup and preparation, you can automate the entire process based on the user's Synchronization Settings.

Yes. Using the Column Mapping, you can link columns manually or automatically by common column names.

Every table in the database, to be included in the synchronization process, MUST have two additional columns:
  • RBSyncTimeStamp (DATETIME)
And, you must run the built-in preparation tool to optimize the database, which is performed only once.

Pricing and licensing structure is similar to R:BASE.
  • Single Seat License
  • 5 Seat Add-On Network License
  • Single Site Unlimited License
  • Multi Site Unlimited License