Introduction and Features

R:SCOPE is an invaluable database repair tool that allows users to identify and repair broken R:BASE databases. As a separate program, R:SCOPE allows the examination and modification of R:BASE database files outside R:BASE. R:SCOPE can check a database for problems and look in the database files to diagnose possible problems. After doing so, R:SCOPE can fix the structure of a database and correct data file errors.

  • Check and fix damaged databases and mend broken pointers; automatically or manually
  • Use the Autofix feature to automatically search, find and fix broken pointers- even a novice user can fix a broken pointer with Autofix
  • Check one or all indexes
  • View and edit database, table, and column structures
  • Search for valid rows of data
  • Restores deleted rows of data
  • Correct database file timestamps
  • Look at all of your R:BASE data in a row, from beginning to end
  • Displays hexadecimal and ASCII representations of data files
  • Produce charts showing contiguous chains of data-an easy way to find missing data if someone accidentally deletes rows or tables

R:SCOPE includes a database connection history option, View Data options, and additional printer setup output for the error log. An option is available to control the line numbers in the Check Screen window. Additional color options to enhance your environment in the Hex Viewer are also available. Multiple tables can be selected for the Check: Structure and Check: Data options. The table display from the Check and Fix menus have also been increased to better view your list of available tables.

Database information can be viewed without connecting to a database. A speed menu option is added to the menu list when you right click on an R:BASE database file.

The Manual Fix option for the data file has been enhanced with an easy to use button tool bar and the ability to watch the current address while searching with display turned off. This is a great addition for developers with large databases.

A Snapshot option has also been added to capture the current displayed screen.

A status bar across the bottom of the window displays the computer, user, database, and current printer. The path of the current connected database appears in the R:SCOPE window caption so users know which database or database copy is connected to.

The help file includes a chapter on understanding R:BASE databases, the basic repair strategy, and a list of error messages with suggestions.