Frequently Asked Questions

R:Mail 11 includes the a plugin (.RBM) formated for R:BASE 11. The Plugin is designed to work with R:BASE 11.

No. R:Mail works COMPLETELY independent of mail clients. R:Mail accesses your SMTP mail server directly.

Yes. R:Mail allows users to send encrypted email messages using SSL and TLS protocols, with the OpenSSL Project files installed on the computer.

Keep in mind that all servers have different limitations, and unless you know the limitations of your recipient's server, your message could bounce. R:Mail has worked successfully with attachments totalling 10 MB in size. Any attachment, or collective attachments that total more than 10 MB in size are to be sent at your discretion.

R:Mail's speed is completely dependent on your network's capabilities and the speed of your Internet connection. R:Mail will NOT flood the server with messages because it waits until each message is sent before returning focus back to R:BASE. Thus, it is perfectly safe to implement R:Mail in WHILE loops.

Yes. Using the HTML format in the message body, you can embed an image that is stored on your Web server, or you can physically embed an image into the email message.

Yes. You can load the email message body from an external text file.