R:Magellan is a R:BASE Plugin for integrating powerful mapping and analysis features into your R:BASE application. Using R:Magellan with several mapping solutions, including MapPoint and Maptitude software programs, as well as Google Maps, Bing Maps, and MapQuest online services, users can provide fast geographical travel instructions for multiple locations.

Working with addresses or Latitude and Longitude coordinates, R:Magellan will map a specified route, from start to finish, and returns values for the trip including: total distance, trip duration, driving time, driving cost, longitude and latitude for each address, the distance traveled between the addresses, the elapsed distance and the number of addresses provided. The driving cost units and price are available to calculate a driving cost for a trip. In the event an address has multiple hits or is invalid, a "Find Address" dialog will be displayed to correct the existing address or specify a different address.

With the OPTIMIZATION parameter, R:Magellan can reorder the intermediate stops on your route so that your travel time between the start and end points is the most time-efficient.

Maps and directions can be sent to your printer with many additional options like a turn-by-turn map, driving directions only, a fax-able map, including the map legend, and more. After a route is calculated, a URL is returned based on the waypoints, which can be sent by email to a driver's mobile device (with Google maps) to take advantage of GPS assisted navigation.

When launching maps, you can edit the different destination points and how they are displayed on the map. Other parameters allow you to control whether toolbars are displays, map styles, and window state. Map files can also be saved and loaded with R:Magellan. Google and Bing map display include the options to for a "Trip Information" bar, which contains details for each waypoint, and a "Navigation" bar which contains details for each waypoint. The Navigation bar will only display if the Trip Information bar is displayed.

A Find Address utility is available to check if an address can be located. The search can be performed with an address or Latitude and Longitude coordinates. An address search may also be perform in "silent" mode to hide the "Find Address" dialog.

R:Magellan supports geocoding to find latitude and longitude coordinate geographic data from a provided street address. The plugin also provides reverse geocoding where an approximate address is returned with given latitude and longitude coordinates.

The mapping solution software or online solution must be installed and/or configured accordingly before using the R:Magellan Plugin.