R:FTPClient is a fully automated FTP client for file management offering both secure (FTP over SSL) and non-secure transfers. Encrypted file transfers is supported through Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security (TLS v1). R:FTPClient gives users the ability to quickly upload, download, delete and rename one or more files as well as create and delete folders.

A progress window, which can be disabled, displays what percentage of files has already been uploaded or downloaded. The progress window contains a "Abort Transmission" button to cease the connection to the FTP server. A FTP log can also be displayed or disabled, as well as saved to a file. A wait parameter is available to momentarily pause FTP transactions.

Fully compatible with R:BASE 11, R:FTPClient 11 is a custom Plugin to facilitate FTP transfer automation within your R:BASE applications.

R:FTPClient is a perfect FTP client solution for software developers as well as Webmasters of all levels!