R:Fax is a Plugin component that allows an R:BASE application to send R:BASE reports directly to any fax machine using the traditional phone line connected to your PC. R:Fax contains many features and settings that allow each machine to be custom configured.

Using your R:BASE database, R:Fax will be able to pass the following parameters:

  • Fax Number
  • Fax File and Name (created by R:BASE)
  • Fax Cover File Name (created by R:BASE)
  • Total Pages

The custom settings allow users to specify your own:

  • Fax Header
  • Station ID
  • Number of dialing attempts
  • Waiting period, in seconds, for dialing retry
  • Fax Class
  • Enhanced Text for Header and Cover Page

R:Fax allows the option to create an activity log based on the status of a fax sent.

Using the R:Fax Viewer, you can display the fax report before it is sent.