R:DXF is an Plugin for displaying Drawing Exchange Format (DXF) CAD data file format images in R:BASE forms and reports.

Stretch DXF

Within the both form and report image controls, a "Stretch DXF" property is available. Setting the value to false will render the image using the correct aspect ratio.

Image Scale Variable

An automatically defined variable, DXF_IMG_CTRL_SCALE, is generated when a form image control loads DXF images. The displayed image will use the specified SCALE value used in the PLUGIN command, or the default value (1.0). If the DXF_IMG_CTRL_SCALE value is changed on the form, the variables can be recalculated to modify the image scale, without having to reload the form.

PLUGIN Command Syntax

Command syntax options allow images to be displayed with different file types, draw modes, visibility scaling, and display dimensions.