R:Charts is the charting solution for R:BASE databases. R:Charts is flexible in allowing users to mix and match different series within charts, with one or more tables assigned to a chart. Charts can be displayed using several file formats including: BMP, JPG, GIF, EMF, WMF, PCX, EPS, SVG, and HTM.

Users can connect to a R:BASE database, choose the table or view that the chart will be based upon, and create and save the chart. The specific chart created will be saved in a file with the extension RBC. The RBC file extension is associated to R:Charts once installed on your computer.

The connection between the created chart file and R:BASE is the R:Charts Plugin file (.rbm). The R:BASE PLUGINS command uses the Plugin file to create a live data image of the data chart, that can be used in R:BASE forms and reports.

R:Charts files (.rbc) will most likely be based on R:BASE views, where a concentration of data will be displayed using few columns and rows. And, since R:BASE views are updated automatically when the table data changes, the chart image can be created on the fly to reflect the current data.

R:Charts supports the storage and implementation of EEP to predefine variables for chart files, and for before a chart file is opened. The R:BASE EEP Editor can be launched within R:Charts.

R:Charts offers 63 different series types (bar, pie, line, candle, etc.) that can be added to a chart, along with 42 available standard, financial, and extended functions, that can be applied to any group of data series.