Introduction and Features

RBZip is a Plugin that allows R:BASE users the ability to create, add to, and extract zip files from within R:BASE. This powerful utility can be used from a command prompt or from the main dialog screen. A full feature list is available for creating and extracting files, including the ability to create a self-extracting executable. RBZip also includes the ability to archive files larger than 2GB.

RBZip can be used in a graphic user interface and as in command syntax using the PLUGIN command.

RBZip supports the following parameters to create and add to existng zip files:

  • Include path names
  • Include recursive directories
  • Support of splitting large files on separate disks
  • Permanently move files
  • Alter the date and time stamp of the files
  • Encryption of file headers so only RBZip can open the zip file
  • Maintain separate file directories
  • Add password protection
  • Add a comment

With RBZip, extracting zip files is just as simple with these custom actions:

  • Include full file path
  • Restore the file date attributes
  • Offers a "Overwrite" mode to either overwrite or skip existing file
  • List specific files, by name or file extension
  • Can use recursive directories
  • Can create directories