R:Biometric 11

R:Biometric 11 is an R:BASE software program for secure fingerprint biometric solutions. R:Biometric allows applications to store secure individual user fingerprint information in your R:BASE database in order to provide secure data access to the same database or other information. All ten or just a few fingerprints can be stored for users.

An easy-to-use interface allows administrators to control many fields for user information and several scanners in a multi-scanner environment. Detailed enrollment and matching settings are available to control the initial enrollment of users and how fingerprint matches are compared when users log in.

The list of displayed users may be filtered to a specific name, birth date, and anniversary criteria. The filter also allows for fields to be combined for more specific results.

R:Biometric 11 includes an R:BASE Plugin (.rbm) to integrate fingerprint security into R:BASE applications. Parameters are also available to enroll user's into the R:Biometric tables.

R:Biometric 11 supports command line parameters to include within desktop shortcut properties, or use with the R:BASE LAUNCH command, automatically connect to a database.

R:Biometric 11n

R:Biometric 11n is an R:BASE software program for secure fingerprint and facial recognition biometric scanner solutions. R:Biometric allows the ability manage user information to and from biometric scanners for R:BASE application use. The "n" in R:Biometric 11n represents network-supported environments for biometric security solutions.

R:Biometric 11n connects to an R:BASE database to store defined biometric device users, and can be used to create new users. Once connected R:Biometric creates its required tables to store user information. The list of defined users can be reviewed in the editor window with various display options, and also within a Database Users window which provides the type of biometric information stored for each as a preview.

The R:Biometric interface allows for multiple devices to be connected to and reviewed simultaneously, displaying the users loaded onto each device, and what fingerprint/face template data is stored. R:Biometric is quick and easy to set up with the ability to connect the biometric scanner on a network by assigning an IP address to the device. Users can be loaded from a device to an R:BASE database, and loaded back to another device.

Additional features include the ability synchronize the time on scanner devices. For supported devices, company logo images can be upload to display on the scanner screen in sequence, and user pictures can be uploaded to display the person's photo when a scan is made.

R:Biometric 11n includes a Plugin (.rbm) to integrate biometric security into R:BASE applications. When a verification transaction is processed, data can be captured from variables or a scan transaction log to match the local users with the value from the device. Transaction logs from devices may be viewed, downloaded to a CSV file, and if needed, the transaction logs can be cleared from scanner devices.