R:BASE Editor is a stand alone text editor designed for the creation and editing of R:BASE application files, command files, and text files. This stand-along text editor is similar to the text editor included with R:BASE, only offers many additional features.

R:BASE development is made easier with R:Style 11, which provides structural error checking, and spelling assistance to help debug your code prior to running it. R:Style also helps find many errors which cause syntax to fail, and displays where in the file to look.

The Data Dictionary utility, which retrieves database information (table names, column names, etc.), allows for objects names to be inserted into code for accurate syntax writing.

The file Structure Toolbar supports advanced settings to control what commands are displayed, allowing an intuitive breakdown of a command file, and fast locating of code blocks.

R:BASE Editor includes a 512-bit file encryption, along with other built-in utilities such as the spell checker, thesaurus, and shell integration to associate your favorite file extensions.

R:BASE Editor can be customized for maximum efficiency with many environment settings, syntax formatting for over thirty programming languages, and over twenty "look and feel" themes.