RBAdmin 11


The RBAdmin program is a network database administrator utility for R:BASE databases. It allows a database administrator to view users with open file and ODBC connections to R:BASE database files. The available options for the connected databases, ODBC connections, users, and chat provide a great deal of power to R:BASE database administrators.

RBAdmin displays the paths to the R:BASE database so an administrator can quickly review a large number of R:BASE databases and the users who have the files open, as well as the network user names, computer names, connection mode, length of time that the users have opened the files, and the number of files opened.

RBAdmin includes a plugin providing the ability to capture user connection information from the live database though R:BASE commands. The user count and list of connected users can be captured. The ability to reset the user count, and clear ghost connections is also available. When RBADMIN is ON, users may be disconnected from the database as well.

RBAdmin also allows the ability to send a message to a connected user. This allows database administrator to warn their users before an untimely disconnection.

Using the R:Chat interface, a database administrator can exchange messages with network users. Network users can exchange messages with one another using the R:Chat Client.

The RBAdmin product contains two separate installers. The primary installer is for RBAdmin. RBAdmin is the software which must be installed on a server computer where the database files are stored. When installed, the program includes the main RBAdmin interface and the R:BASE Messenger components to send messages to users. A second installer package is for the RBAdmin Client for the workstation/client computers. When installed, the program includes the R:Chat Client and the R:BASE Messenger components to receive messages from the RBAdmin interface. The RBAdmin Client must be installed on the client computers in order for the end users to receive messages from the RBAdmin server interface, or to engage in the R:Chat Client instant messaging.

RBAdmin is available for both R:BASE 11 databases.