R:Archive is a powerful document archival management system that allows users to automatically, or manually, scan documents into PDF documents using a scanner. After a document is scanned, R:Archive allows users to alter the PDF document properties to allow extended search capabilities in the future.

R:Archive also supports OCR (optical character recognition), to capture an area from the scanned documents. OCR options include the capturing of an entire page or a specified region. Additional OCR options allow you to choose specific page or any page range.

R:Archive also allows users to search and index single or multiple PDF documents available to the computer. Once the documents are indexed, the user can easily review the PDF document information and preview the actual file.

The R:Archive application offers extended search capabilities to search all scanned and indexed PDF documents. The search criteria for scanned files allow users to define the date, operator, or title. The search criteria for indexed files allow users to define the date, operator, title, subject, author, or keyword.

A report catalog is available for all documents scanned, PDF files documents indexed, and document management sessions.

R:Archive includes database maintenance to keep your system running smoothly. A table analysis can be performed on each table, and if required, you can pack the table. Additional maintenance includes packing the indexes and a database backup routine. Users can even review the User Access and Session Log Tables.