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Temporary Tables and Views

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Temporary tables and views are non-permanent tables/views that only exist for the duration of a database session. When a database session terminates, its temporary tables/views are automatically destroyed. Temporary tables/views are only visible to the R:BASE session that creates them and remain invisible to other R:BASE users. Several users can create temporary tables/views with the same name, and each user will see only that particular version of the table/view.


Temporary tables are ideal for holding short-term data used by the current R:BASE session. For example, suppose you need to do many SELECTs on the result of a complex query. An efficient strategy is to execute the complex query once, then store the result in a temporary table. You can also create an index on the temporary table to speed up queries with the CREATE INDEX command. In addition to indexes, you can create rules, constraints and triggers on temporary tables.


You may CREATE or turn a permanent table into a TEMPORARY table using the enhanced Data Designer.