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This parameter includes the support to specify the TOP n qualifier for the SELECT command. The TOP n will retrieve the top number of records from the table.





The "TOP n" goes between the word SELECT and the column list for the command.



Specifies the number of records to retrieve



Specifies a list of one or more column names, separated by a comma (or the current delimiter)



To show the top 5 bonuses where the bonus is under $500 from the SalesBonus table in the ConComp sample database:


SELECT TOP 5 EmpID,Bonus FROM SalesBonus WHERE Bonus < 500 ORDER BY Bonus=DESC


EmpID      Bonus          

---------- ---------------

       131         $456.75

       131         $326.25

       102         $175.00

       131         $157.50

       129         $153.60


To show the three companies with the largest purchases for the RRBYW20 sample database:


SELECT custid,company FROM customer WHERE custid IN +

(SELECT custid FROM invoiceheader WHERE netamount IN +

(SELECT TOP 3 netamount FROM invoiceheader))


custid     company                                  

---------- ----------------------------------------

       121 Bytes & Words

       124 Barton and Associates

       127 RAM Data Systems, Inc.